Deposits are Not Refundable

  • When we agree to sell you a pet we have done so because we were lead to believe by you that you have already done your research and that you have decided that you are 100% committed to taking the pet home, where it will be well-cared for by you for the rest of it’s life.

If we did not feel that you were serious and committed we would not agree to sell you the pet. Instead we would simply suggest that you wait until you were more prepared.

We will never pressure you to leave a deposit. We won’t hold any animals without a deposit so we may suggest that if you are seriously interested in a particular pet then you may want to consider leaving a deposit otherwise there is certainly a very good chance that the animal you want will be gone by the time you come to visit. The decision to leave a deposit is entire yours to make.

If we agreed to sell you a pet and you chose to send a deposit, we have agreed that the animal will be taken care of by us for a set amount of time, while you are preparing for your pet’s arrival and re-arranging your schedule accordingly. 

Once we have received a deposit, we try to be accommodating but we will only hold an animal for up to five days after it is fully weaned. During that five days we will care for the animal as though it were one of our pets but while our own animals are free to interact with strangers, we no longer allow anyone other than ourselves or you to interact with your pet. It is no longer ours. It is yours!

During the time, beginning when you have left a deposit and the time when you pick it up, we house the animal separately where it is isolated and kept away from other animals and guests. We will re-arrange our schedule to accommodate your pet’s needs and try to accommodate your schedule. We will continue to supply high quality food, bedding, regular maintenance and continue to spend a lot of time socialization it to keep it friendly. This is a service that we sometimes extend to people who purchase pets from us but keep in mind that it all comes at a cost to us. It is a boarding fee that we typically do not charge extra for. That is why, after you have left a deposit, we need to put a five-day limit (after weaning) for holding pets that someone is picking up from us. We will waive the five-day boarding fee when the pet is picked up. If you do not pick it up the animal will be offered back for sale and the deposit will not be refunded. It will be considered as the boarding fee.

If a person needs more than five days after an animal is weaned we usually refuse to hold it for that long, but occasionally depending on the circumstances we may agree to hold it for longer but we do need to add an additional boarding fee which needs to be paid for in advance. We will not waive this fee as we are not willing to continue to care for and pay for a pet that is not our own, for free.

  • Provided that an animal remains in optimum health while it is in our care we will not refund any deposit once we have accepted it.

  • If an animal does need appear healthy or we suspect that something just isn't right with it at the time of pick-up, we will refund your deposit or suggest a different animal.

  • We never knowingly release any animal that shows any signs of illness to anyone. In the case of special needs we will be certain to offer that information to the purchaser prior to accepting the deposit. 

  • We not accept deposits without speaking with you first. We need to make the necessary arrangements and we need to agree to the sale. If you do send a deposit before we have spoken with you, we will refuse it and the animal will still be considered available to anyone who asks.