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The compassion we show towards animals

and the commitment that we make to our pets,

deeply reflects the nature of our society.

289 990-4738 

[email protected]

Thanks for stopping by!

Pets can certainly enhance the quality of life by helping curb the feelings of isolation and loneliness...

​But we pet lovers already knew that.


We ask everyone to do their part in help curb the spread.

As we are all probably aware by now, the COVID 19 PANDEMIC is fluid and it is continuously evolving, therefore we believe that every one of us has a role to play in preventing the virus from continuing to spread. Health Canada has deemed the risk to Canadians as high. As a result, Health Canada is asking Canadians to try to avoid non-essential gatherings and wear a mask and practice physical distancing whenever possible. As we all work together to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are taking the advice of Health Canada seriously and we are adamant about wearing masks and practicing physical distancing especially around people who are not familiar to us.

The health & safety of everyone and their pets is our top priority - Covid has been detected in many types of animals so think twice before allowing people to interact with your own pets and limit how you interact with other people’s pets.

When visiting us at our home - whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, if after we schedule an appointment for you to come to our home to pick-up a pet, it is extremely important that if you are sick, stay home, and if someone in your household is sick, stay home too and wait until everyone in your household is better before arranging any type of nonessential social interactions which includes visiting us. Interact with us and everyone with care. Keep Your Distance – Wear A Mask and be sure to always practice good hygiene.

Visits – some safety precautions that we are taking that we feel are necessary.

  • We can usually accommodate visits for people to view any animal (up to two animals maximum) that are ready to leave. Unweaned animals will not be available for viewing. We have constructed a small, isolated area in our home with direct outdoor access that can be thoroughly cleaned before and after every visit.
  • Our schedule is flexible however as an added precaution, we will only book visits at 8 hour intervals. This is to give us ample time between every visit to steam clean the “viewing area” sanitize carriers, toys, enclosures, etc.
  • Due to space restrictions while adhering to physical distancing protocol we can only accommodate 3 people in total, besides ourselves, we can accommodate a MAXIMUM of two MASKED people at our home at any given time. If you arrive UNMASKED or if more than two people arrive, you will not be invited in.
  • We do ask that all in home visits are kept brief. We prefer everyone call us by phone before and after, to discuss and ask us questions, this helps all of us with minimizing physical interactions, simply by limiting the time we spend together.
  • During the visit, without exception, we insist that everyone sanitizes their hands upon entering, wears a mask and always maintains a distance of at least 2 arms-length (approximately 2 meters) from each other and our pets.
  • While we are chatting about the pets and getting to know a bit about one another, guests will have ample opportunity to view the pet (s) that they are most interested in (up to two animals only) watching them playing and interacting with each other and us, but because of the current situation guests will not be permitted to hold or touch the pet unless it is paid for and ready to leave.
  • No animal leaves our home without a suitable safe transport carrier. We ask that you bring a sanitized, airline approved carrier. Although, we do not sell supplies if you do not have one and you let us know in advance, if we can, depending on the current retail supply chain, we may be able to purchase one for you (at your expense…costs vary but recently it has usually been around $40.00ish)
  • No animal leaves our home unless paid in full. Payments or Deposits are accepted via E-transfer, PayPal or cash.  

*** If you prefer to purchase a pet without Physically meeting ...

after we speak and we have agreed to sell you a pet and the pet has been paid for in advance ***

  • Often, curbside or porch pick-ups can be arranged.
  • Depending on location and time of year, we can sometimes arrange for a courier to do a porch drop off. Delivery fees are at the purchaser’s expense.
  • Shipping animals by air is not an option at this time.

Just a word of caution… whether buying or selling new or used items in person, home delivery or through other means, we strongly urge people receiving any washable item, whether these items are for your pets or for yourself, to be sure to thoroughly clean and sanitize these items as soon as you can and then be sure to sanitize / wash your hands especially before touching your face or your pet.

Persians and Himalayans


Kittens Available  We do not always have Persian and Himalayan kittens ready for new homes, but when we do, a bit of basic information along with a few individual pictures of them, are posted here

Older Kittens, Cats Available Occasionally, (not often) we have a retired breeder available. We also actively participate in Exotics, Persians or Himalayans rescue or sometimes we know of others simply needing new homes. When/if we do, a bit of basic information and a few pictures of it will posted here.

About Persians and Himalayans History of the breeds and a bit of information about our kittens

(coming soon) Tips for caring for Persians and Himalayans - 


Kitten Sales Form & Health Guarantee  A bit of information on vaccines, parasite control and a copy of our

Spaying and Neutering Something to consider!

Shopping List - Home at Last  A quick overview of some things you may need for your cat or kitten to help it's transition to its new home.


Available Hedgehogs

 click the link to view pictures and prices 

of the hedgehogs that we have available. 

  • About Hedgehogs Learn a bit about Hedgehogs in the wild and how to care for them as pets.
  • Hedgehog Health Guarantee View a copy of our Hedgehog Sales Form & Health Guarantee
  • Shopping List -Hedgehog A quick overview of some things you may need for your Hedgehog.

Persians or Himalayans cats and Hedgehogs

in need of REHOMING

  • We believe that an important part of being a responsible hobby breeder, is to help keep all animals especially the species of pets that we raise, from being abandoned or relinquished to a shelter. Whenever possible we try to help pet owners who for their own personal reasons need to or feel that it is best to find new homes for their pet.
  • We will not help anyone sell their pets but sometimes we have a short list of names of people who we have pre-screened that we feel may be a suitable match to a particular pet. Of course, not every animal will be the perfect fit for everyone so, in a crisis we we may be able to temporarily accommodate one or two, in our own home, until a good permanent home can be found.
  • Before contacting us...We prefer that you first attempt to find a caring home for your pet but if you have exhausted your search or do not feel that you are qualified or capable of finding the right home for your pet, feel free to contact us. 289 990-4738
  • We do not charge a fee to surrender a pet to us. We just ask that you provide us with as much information about the pet, as possible (behavior (like and dislikes) and the health history) Your personal information will remain confidential but we do require a surrender form to be signed
  • All pets coming into our home are placed in quarantine. They are treated to prevent parasites and vaccinated if needed. Then after we have had some time to get to know the pet, if we feel that it can leave and a home has not yet been arranged, the pet's information and picture, will be posted on our website. All potential purchasers will be screened and they will be required to pay a nominal fee which helps to offset some of the expenses we incur when we foster pets. 

General  Information

Consider First Things we all need to consider before getting a new pet.

Who are we? Contact Information and a bit of Information about us.

Our Policies 18+, No Refund, Prices are Firm, ETC.

Purchasing Procedure  Scheduling an appointment, Deposits, Reservation Fees, Payment Options etc. 



Shipping or Delivery Shipping and Local Delivery may be an Option.



F.A.Q.S. Frequently Asked Questions

For General Inquiries 

please call 289 990-4738 (9:00 am to 10:00 pm ET)

email: [email protected] 

FYI ... 10 Quick Answers to the top 10 Questions we are asked.

  1.  At our discretion, we reserve the right to refuse the sale of any pet for any reason and we will not agree to sell anyone a pet or schedule a visit to our home until we have had an opportunity to have voice conversation together first. 

  2. We require a minimum of 25 % non-refundable deposit to hold any pet.
  3. Unless you have already sent a deposit to reserve a pet, we require a $25.00 non-refundable reservation fee to book appointments in advance.
  4. Location for pick up or viewing is now in Niagara Falls Ontario only. 
  5. Shipping / Delivery may be available at the purchaser's expense.
  6. We Do Not send individual pictures but we do update the pictures on our site often. 
  7. Our babies are weaned when they do so naturally. We do not believe in early weaning!  
  8. Every animal leaves with a written health guarantee and some food that it is used to eating.
  9. As a precaution, all of our babies are dewormed and a topical flea / mite treatment has ​been applied. 
  10. Kitten and cats are vaccinated.