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Degus were once commonly kept pets but in recent years they are becoming increasingly rare in the pet trade. This is surprising because they really do have a lot of personality! 

We keep a few colour varieties of Degus which are primarily kept as our personal pets but periodically we intentionally raise a litter. When we have babies available we will post them for sale on this page.

We will not sell a Degu to anyone who intends to keep it as a single pet. Degus are highly social animals. They thrive best in pairs or small groups therefore, unless you already have a Degu, we prefer that our Degus go to a new home in multiples; either litter mates / same sex pairs or genetically diverse, breeding trios. 

Price Guide (Per ​Degu)

Normal colour starting at $25.00

Normal colour splits starting at $50.00

Sandy, Blue, Pied, etc. starting at $65.00  

All of our own baby degus have found homes however, we do have a few babies that were brought to us to care for until permanent homes can be found.  

Their picture are posted on the "Available Foster Animals"  page.

Available Foster Animals. 


Teachers and educators often contact us, hoping for suggestions on the types of pets that we feel, might be the best type of pet(s) to keep for educational purposes, in a classroom environment.

Of course, that is not a simple answer! After discussing some of the pros and cons of keeping pets in a classroom environment, we typically recommend keeping a small colony of Degus.

'Degus are active during the day and therefore being that they tend to keep busy during the daylight hours, it provides the opportunity for teachers to teach students by highlighting a few other interpersonal skills that Degus use in everyday life. Sharing and teamwork, responsibility and organization are just a few of the more obvious skills that Degus use in order to live harmoniously in a group. 

Not only do Degus provide everyone with a lot of entertainment but with proper guidance from the educator, children have the opportunity to learn more about animal husbandry. As with any type of pet, Degus depend on and require a responsible and committed caregiver who will oversea and provide regular care! Because Degus are social and form bonds with their cage mates, they have constant companionship for weekends and overnights (provided they have the proper set up). 

Overall Degus are considered to be low maintenance and being vegetarian they are low odor pet. Before making the decision to keep Degus,(or any pet) be sure to a lot of research about them first.

We have highlighted a few thing to be aware of on our care page! For example, Degus are herd animals and therefore keeping them in pairs or groups is a must. ...They are an active species that need to socialize and to thrive, they depend on one another for companionship. Every member of the group has an important job to do and once Degus know their caregivers they too become another member of the group.