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  • Every animal hobbyist shares a vested interest in animal welfare, and we all have a desire to help animals in need. We truly feel that every breeder has an obligation to the species of animals they raise. We try to do whatever we can to help prevent any animal from being abandoned. Unfortunately we can not help them all but when our schedule permits, we will occasionally open our home to healthy, small pets that would otherwise be homeless. (We can only manage 2 or 3 at a time)
  • Occasionally, if we have the space and time, we may also take in other animals that we are familiar with, that are need of permanent homes and keep them until a permanent home can be found for them.
  • Most, animals come to us from people who for various reasons, can no longer adequately care for their pet. Some come from people who have lost interest & have outgrown their pet. Occasionally, they come to us from breeders who are looking to get out of breeding hobby. Others come in from shelters, rescues or veterinarian clinics, who lack the experience or facilities to properly care for these pets. Most come to us with very little history or verifiable information.
  • When we take in a pet, we do require that the person surrendering the pet to us, to sign ta surrender form indicating that “to the best of his or her knowledge this animal is in apparent good health” at the time it is being surrendered. We also ask them to provide us with as much history on the pet as possible so that we can pass on the information to their new caregiver. (we will not pass on personal information without your consent)
  • We never knowingly take in sick or injured animals! We recommend that if your animal is sick contact your veterinarian. If, you cannot afford to take it to a veterinarian then you might want to try contacting your local Humane Society. Maybe they can help. While an animal is in our care, if we feel that it gets sick or is in medical distress and needs veterinary care we will see to it that it gets the care it needs and it will remain in our care until it is in good health, before re-homing it.
  • We have a very strict protocol in place when we select what animals we use for breeding; therefore, it would not be a wise choice to include any animal that comes to us to be fostered into our breeding program. Although we will not keep them for ourself, we will keep them for however long it takes to find them a suitable, permanent home.
  • Every animal that we take in is quarantined prior to offering them to new homes. While in quarantine they are dewormed and treated with a topical flea and mite treatment. They are given a proper, healthy diet and they are monitored and assessed for behavioral issues. If an animal appears well adjusted and seem okay to leave, they are posted as AVAILABLE on our website. Foster animals are posted with FOS in their Webpic #’
  • Not ever pet is suitable for everyone. We will never knowingly sell or place any animal if we feel that it may not adapt to a new home.
Special needs…
  • Small animals can sometimes be ruff and play hard with each other while they are in still in the nest and we occasionally see animals brought to us to be fostered, with missing toes, damaged eyes, tattered ears, tails, etc. Usually, by the time we see them, the wounds are completely healed but sometimes they are left with a battle scar. If any injury has not healed, we will not accept the animal - it needs veterinary care! But if the battle wound has totally healed and the animal functions normally if we can, we may accept it into foster/special needs. If we do, we will point this out by identifying it as a ‘Special Needs’ pet on our website and we will be sure to note and discuss this in more detail with the purchaser, prior to allowing it to go to a new home.
  • Special needs pets, even if it is the sweetest pet imaginable are the usually the hardest animals to find good homes but sooner or later every animal we take in, eventually finds a home.

Breeding Age Adults & Retired Breeders

We retire our breeding animals after 2 or 3 Litters - This is usually by the time they are 18 months old while they are still young enough to contribute new bloodlines to another a breeding program or while they are still young enough to live the remainder of their life in a pet home. Prices vary according to age, colour morph, gender and bloodlines.

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  • All Foster/Special Needs animals must be picked up in person, at our home and are not eligible for shipping or delivery. Before making your decision, we want you to interact with it first!
Prices ARE NOT Negotiable

We do not believe in giving away free animals. The fees do vary somewhat, depending on the needs of the species.but overall the prices for Foster animals are very reasonable. The fee seldom covers the cost we incur (for the food, bedding, deworming, flea/mite control, etc.) but it often helps to weed out people who can not really afford to care for a pet and sometimes just by asking a small fee a gives a person more time to think through the decision they are about to be making .

If you are considering purchasing a Breeding age adult, a retired breeder, a foster or a special needs pet 

please call (instead of emailing or texting) us.