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Degus were once commonly kept pets but in recent years they are becoming increasingly rare in the pet trade. This is surprising because they really do have a lot of personality! 

We keep a few colour varieties of Degus which are primarily kept as our personal pets. Periodically, when we do raise a litter and will post them for sale on this page.

We will not sell a Degu to anyone the intends to keep it as a single pet. They thrive best in pairs or groups therefore unless you already have a degu, we prefer that they go to new homes as littermates in same sex pairs or breeding trios. 

Currently we have normal agouti coloured babies, (may carry the blue or sandy gene) ready for new homes.

Price Guide (Per Degu)

Normal colour starting at $25.00 

Normal colour splits starting at $50.00 

Sandy, Blue, Pied, etc. starting at $65.00  

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Often when teachers and educators contact us asking for suggestions and help when choosing the best type of pets to keep in a classroom for display purposes, we will probably recommend that they consider keeping several Degus. 

Degus are active during the day and therefore keep busy during the daylight hours. Not only does this provide everyone with a lot of entertainment but it also provides an opportunity to teach and /or study regarding animal husbandry and a few topics such as the importance of sharing, teamwork and responsibility.

As long as they are cared for properly, degus are considered low odor pets. Just like any type of pet, degus do require regular care but overall are considered to be a fairly low maintenance pet. Before making the decision to keep Degus, it is important to note that Degus are herd animals and therefore keeping them in pairs or groups is a must. They need to be able to socialize and depend on one another to thrive.

Every member of the group has an important job to ...