All of these animals featured on this page are pre-loved pets that are need a permanent home. 

All of the animals featured on this page are pre-loved pets that are in need a permanent home. 

Web Pic #: FOS d-fos1

Colour: Agouti 

Gender:  3 females

D.O.B.:  June 2019

Price: $ 50.00 for the trio

Sale Status: Available

Comments: these three were brought to us, hoping that we could find them a permanent home. They are friendly and it appears they  to have been handled  regularly.

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A bit of information about the Animals that we are Fostering

"Hopefully we don't have many foster or special needs animals featured on this page"

We are independent breeders who strongly feel that everyone has a responsibility to prevent all pets from becoming homeless. Whenever possible, we do what we can to prevent even a few animals from ending up homeless or being surrendered to a shelter. We think all pets need to be in a caring home environment even if it is only until a permanent home can be found. We are not directly involved with specific rescue groups. All the money we spend caring for the animals that we take in to foster is our own. Therefore, we need to limit the number we take in, to a couple of animals at a time and we can only take them in if we have the space and the time.

When/ if we agree to take in and provide foster care for an animal, we do not keep any. Our goal is to find a suitable home for it. We try to find a new home as quickly as possible but we are never in a rush and it is welcome to stay with us for as long as it needs to. Every animal that we take in is quarantined prior to making them available for new homes. While in quarantine they are assessed for behavioral issues, transitioned to a proper diet, they are dewormed and treated with a topical flea and mite treatment. They will be cared for in a home environment, away from our own breeding animals, where they will continue to receive the same level of care that all our pets do.

Our goal is to find the best permanent homes for these pets, that we can. But it is not always easy. Most of the animals that we take in to foster seldom have much of history that accompanies them on arrival. We are often not able to verify their age or confirm how they were cared for. Every now and again a few animals that we take in are mature and have already developed their own habits. Although the majority seldom have notable bad habits, some do. Therefore it might take a bit longer for them to settle in and adjust to their new homes. (if we notice that one has bad habits, we will tell you)

Before we agree to let any foster animal go to anyone, we will need to speak about it first. Then, after speaking together if we both agree to move forward with this purchase/adoption, you 'll need to meet and interact with the pet in our home before finally deciding if this is the right pet for you. (To schedule an appointment in advance, an ‘Appointment Reservation Fee’ is required…NO EXCEPTIONS!)

Delivery or shipping options are not available for animals in foster. They must be picked up in person.

Owning any animal is a commitment that comes with long term costs…

Unless you are 100% ready to make this type of commitment NEVER let the low cost tempt you into purchasing any animal! 

Most people who are experienced with keeping pets already know that there are always additional and ongoing costs associated with caring for any animal properly. Whenever we get a new pet, we will likely need to purchase other supplies to prepare for the pets’ arrival, i.e. pet food, treats, toys, grooming supplies, habitat, training aids, etc. The bill adds up quickly and often it ends up costing more than we originally budgeted for! Then after paying for the pet, giving it time to settle in to its new home, we need to take it to a veterinarian for a check up, and then, for the rest of its life, we need budget for pet food and to purchase new items to replace and update worn out items and we need to be financially prepared to pay for annual check-ups and emergency vet care or anything else that the pet needs.

The price for purchasing a foster animal is usually fairly low. Even though the cost for us to take care of them always exceeds the price we ask for them. Our priority is not about making a profit it is to find them a permanent, caring home. We ask this small fee because we feel that giving away pets for free, should always be discouraged. Although we believe that most people are genuinely interested and they have good intentions believing that they are doing a good thing by taking in a foster pet, (which is admirable) sometimes offering free animals, inadvertently attracts people who have not given a lot of thought to owning a pet and therefore they are not truly ready for one. Sometimes offering ‘free pets’ attracts people who can not really afford to care for a pet properly. Perhaps, by simply asking a small fee, may make someone rethink their budget, thus encouraging people to wait until they are in a better financial position.

We suggest thinking about the reasons why you want a pet and if you find that the main reason to want this particular pet is because of the price then perhaps it may not be the pet you are really looking for.