Pet lovers know how important it is to be extremely selective whenever someone is considering buying or selling any pet. 

There will always be numerous questions needing to be asked and answered! A transparent and fluid discussion between the breeder and the purchaser is absolutely essential if hoping to be invited to, or deciding to visit a breeders home.  


PHONE 647 725-1111 (Landline) - If you have questions or would like to schedule a visit to our home in Niagara Falls or reserve a pet, please call us between 9 am until 10 pm ET, any day. This number is a landline and is not set up to reply to text messages. Our cell phone number which can accept text message,will be provided when we feel the need to. 

EMAIL [email protected] - Other than for questions that require simple answers, we feel that while email and text messaging are convenient to touch base, they are not an efficient way to discuss purchasing a pet.  

ADDRESS all visits/viewing is in NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO - Our address will only be given to those who we invite to our home. 


We don't always have kittens available but when we do we will post a bit of information & few pictures of them below on this page.



Our prices are already fair and reasonable


We do our best to match the right kitten to the right purchaser.and we are comfortable knowing that eventually they will all find homes with the right people. We don't negotiate price and we certainly don't believe in early weaning.  When weaned early, kitten immune systems don't have enough time to develop properly. Typically Persians, Himalayans & most designer kittens are are not ready to be weaned before they are 10 to 12 weeks old.


All our kittens receive a health check and are vaccinated by our veterinarian. As a prevention, they are dewormed multiple times and receive flea prevention before going to new homes. 

It is important to know that the law in Ontario requires all cats  (even those kept strictly indoors) to have an annual rabies vaccine.

If the pictures of animals is marked

'AVAILABLE' means that the kitten is ready to leave. (If it is not ready to leave just yet the picture will be marker as 'AVAILABLE SOON') They are only marked a"Available" if no one has left a deposit, which is required to reserve them.  

'P.P.U.' means someone has already left a deposit and will be picking it up soon. If in the case that it is not picked up on time, it will be re-posted as Available.

'HOLD' means that someone is has agreed to send a deposit for that animal, within a few hours (After work, after school etc.) and as a courtesy we have agreed to hold the animal for those few hours. If the deposit is not received on time the pet will be immediately re-posted as 'Available'


We require a minimum of 25% deposit before 

we will hold a kitten.

Payments can be paid via 

Email Money Transfer, PayPal or Cash.


We are often asked to send more pictures. Unfortunately we do not have the time to send individual pictures, instead we update the pictures of the kittens that are available and post them on this page. All of the pictures are current and changed often.


LOCAL DELIVERY - We are sometimes able to arrange local delivery with a private courier. The price varies according to distance (time) and current gas prices. 

AIR TRANSPORT - We can sometimes arrange Air Transport with West Jet cargo to most major in Canada. Price to ship a kitten by air varies but has typically been around $ 350.00 $400.00

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(Max and Mac)

Litter of 6 (now only 2 available)

Date of birth: November 4, 2019

Mother: Blue-cream Silver Persian Himalayan (Flat Face)

Father:​ Flame (red) Lynx Point Himalayan (Flat/Extreme Face)

WEBPIC I.D​.#3-4


Gender: Male

Colour: Flame Lynx Point

(He is brilliantly marked and has an awesome personality. 

Like all well socialized kittens, he loves people and is always ready to play).

Price $850.00 

WEBPIC I.D​.#3-5


Gender: Female

Colour: Cream smoke (Cameo)

(She is the biggest kitten in this litter who undoubtedly has the biggest personality. She has her mother's personality.  

Fearless and adventurous. Always the first to be the kitten to greet people and constantly busy getting into mischief). 

Price $850.00 


(Mecca and Mac)

Litter of 6 (only 4 available)

Date of birth: November 11, 2019

Mother: Blue Silver Persian (Doll face)

Father:​ Flame (red) Lynx Point Himalayan (Flat/Extreme Face)

Kittens are all (doll to flat face with long silky coat)

WEBPIC I.D​.# 3-6


Gender: Female

Colour: Blue Silver Tortie

(As this kitten matures, her fur will lighten and have more silver with splashes of red highlights)

Price $750.00 

WEBPIC I.D​.# 3-7


Gender: Female

Colour: Blue Silver 

Price $750.00 

WEBPIC I.D​.# 3-9


Gender: Male

Colour: Smoke Tabby 

(As this kitten matures, his fur may lighten to have more of a Golden hue rather than a typical brown coat).

Price $750.00 

WEBPIC I.D​.#4-1


Gender: Female

Colour: Smoke Torbie 

(As this kitten matures, it's fur may lighten to have more of a Golden hue rather than a typical brown coat. 

The coat will remain very pretty with splashes of red highlights)

Price $750.00 


(Sofia and Louis)

Litter of 4 (only the 2 pictured below are still available)

Date of birth: September 14, 2019

Mother: Blue Tabby (Exotic Longhair x Persian - doll face - long silky coat)

Father:​ White (Persian Himalayan - Flat Face - long silky coat)

(These 2 kittens are the result of of a partnered breeding arrangement. The mother is owned by a family members friend.

These 2 kittens already have their annual rabies vaccine.)

WEBPIC I.D​.# 1-3


Gender: Male

Colour: Tabby 

(His face face can best be described as doll to flat face. He has a typical long Persian type coat - long, loose and silky

These 2 brothers are 50 % lap x 50% bed kittens, who thrive on human companionship)

  Reduced price $450.00

WEBPIC I.D​.# 1-4


Gender: Male

Colour: Tabby

(His face face can best be described as doll to flat face .

He has a thick long 'teddy-bear ' type coat which seems more dense plush rather than long,loose  and silky.

These 2 brothers are 50 % lap x 50% bed kittens, who thrive on human companionship)

 Reduced price $450.00