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Whether you are someone who is considering buying a new pet or someone selling an animal, there will always be numerous questions that are needed to be asked by everyone. We feel that a fluid verbal conversation is absolutely necessary  before committing to buying or selling any pet. (and before we would consider inviting anyone to visit our pets in our home).  


If you have questions or would like to schedule a visit to our home in Niagara Falls or reserve a pet, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Due to our busy schedule please call us between 5 pm until 9 pm ET weekdays 

or 9 am until 9 pm ET weekends.

PHONE 647 725-1111 (Landline) -  This number is a landline and is not set up to reply to text messages. Our cell phone number which can accept text message, will be provided when we feel the need to. 

EMAIL [email protected] - We feel that when dealing with live animals, email and text messaging are only  convenient ways to touch base. Other than for questions that require simple answers, they are usually not an efficient way to discuss purchasing or caring for a pet.  

ADDRESS all visits/viewing is in NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO - Our address will only be given to those who we invite to our home. 



Prices  are NOT NEGOTIABLE.​

We do our best to match the right kitten to the right purchaser. We are never in hurry to sell any of our kittens as we know that eventually they will all find homes with the right people.

We don't believe in early weaning. When weaned early, kitten immune systems don't have enough time to develop properly. Unlike some breeds, typically Persians, Himalayans are not ready to be weaned before they are 10 to 12 weeks old.

If price is a concern then perhaps now isn't the right time to purchase one.



All our kittens receive a health check from our veterinarian.

Recently there has been a great deal of controversy regarding the over use of vaccines. But being that we believe in vaccines, unless otherwise agreed to and instructed by the purchaser, not to vaccinate, they will receive their first vaccinations from our veterinarian.

They are all routinely dewormed and treated to help prevent feline coccidiosis.

Prior to them going to new homes, they receive a dose of a topical flea treatment that offers 30 day flea and mite prevention.

It is important for all cat owners to know that the law in Ontario requires all cats after a certain age (even those kept strictly indoors) to have an annual rabies vaccine.



We require a minimum of 25% deposit before we will hold a kitten. No kitten is considered on Hold or Sold unless a deposit has been received.

To avoid confusion, never send a deposit until we agree to it first.

If, after we agree to a sale, payments can be paid via Email Money Transfer, PayPal or Cash.


We don't always have kittens available but when we do we will post a few pictures of them below on this page.  

If the pictures of animals is marked as...

'AVAILABLE' it means that the kitten is ready to leave and no one has left a deposit  to reserve them yet.  

'HOLD' means that someone is has agreed to send a deposit for that animal, within a few hours (After work, after school etc.) and as a courtesy we have agreed to hold the animal for those few hours. If the deposit is not received on time the pet will be immediately re-posted as 'Available'

'P.P.U.' means someone has already reserved the pet by sending a deposit and that they will be picking it up soon. If for any reason it is not picked up on time the pet will be re-posted as Available.


Whenever someone is considering purchasing a Persian, Himalayan or Exotic it is very important to first understand the lifelong commitment to regular grooming that is needed to maintain these breeds.  

Before choosing a kitten FIRST CONSIDER the

Coat type. Whether it's coat is long and silky, short and plush or plush and long, they all require regular grooming. The thicker and the longer the coat is the more grooming is required. During the cooler months a cat's coat will grow much thicker and in our climate because of indoor dry heat it may become matted easier and will require more  brushing during this time of year.  

Face types vary quite a bit in these breeds. Long or doll faces usually require little more than basic care and are the easiest to maintain.

Flat faces require that their faces be washed regularly while extreme or "peke" faces require ongoing daily care sometimes several times per day.



We are often asked to send more pictures. Unfortunately we do not have the time to send individual pictures, instead we update the pictures and sometimes videos of the kittens that are available and post them on this page. 

All of the pictures posted are current and they are up dated often.

Older kittens or adult 

cats available 

We occasionally  have older kittens or adult cats available, and occasionally we may have a cat that we are fostering until a suitable home can be found. If we do, more information, prices  and pictures of these kittens and cats are posted on the Older kittens and cats  page.


LOCAL DELIVERY - We are sometimes able to arrange local delivery with a private courier. The price varies according to distance, time and the current gas prices. 

AIR TRANSPORT - Under normal conditions, often we can often arrange Air Transport with West Jet Cargo to most major airports in Canada.

 All transport fees are at the purchaser's expense (this includes the price for courier  to the airport, an aitline approved pet transport  carrier and the  cost to fly the pet.  The price to fly the pet varies but it has typically been around  $400.00 

Unfortunately because of  some of the COVID- 19 restrictions combined with  weather and air travel delays, we have decided that itis better for us not to offer Air shipping at this time. 

If you have questions, or  would like to reserve a pet or schedule a visit, please call us weekday evenings between 5:00 pm and 10:00pm or weekends between 9:00am and 10:00 pm ET. …Sorry NO TEXT! 

Web Pic # 91

 Born on Sept 2, 2022

tortoiseshell point female, now $500.00

Web Pic # 04

 Born on October 26, 2022

Blue Eyes White, Male, $650.00

Web Pic # 04

 Born on October 26, 2022

Blue Eyes White, Female, $650.00

Web Pic # 04

 Born on October 26, 2022

Black (smoke?) Male, $650.00