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She was born in a litter of 5 kittens. Her 4 siblings were all healthy and each went to their forever homes. At her first of several vet check-ups our vet detected a heart murmur.(estimating it as possibly a grade 3 murmur). Heart murmurs are graded on a scale of one to six for loudness or intensity. Low grade heart murmurs are not uncommon in cats and some kittens with some murmurs, may require little or no treatment and the murmur may resolve itself. We decided to keep her a while, to give her a bit more time to mature.

At her last check-up she received her annual booster and rabies vaccines. Her murmur wasn’t quite as audible so it appears to may have improved slightly. It is hard to be certain, it may or may not improve. Being that it hasn’t gotten worse, we have decided that if the right person/home came along, we would let her go.

If it doesn’t resolve on it's own, cats can live a long time and still have good quality of life. However, under no circumstances should she be allowed to breed. Although, this is not always a genetic trait, if a cat has a heart murmur there is a likely it could be passed on to her offspring.

She is a lovely and playful kitten. She likes people and other pets. We feel that she might be best suited for a more mature person/family. As you will notice, she is being offered at a reduced price (less than the costs of vaccines and vet treatment) because we hoping to find a caring forever pet home, for her.

If interested, please call 289 990-4738