Our Commitments to Our Customers

  1. We believe that our customer is any person who is needing our assistance learning about or caring for, specialty pets. Our customers include those who have purchased animals from us or elsewhere, those who are thinking of purchasing an animal or those who are just simply interested in learning more about specialty pets. "If you are reading this, then it means you are our customer."
  2. We value integrity. We will not tell you something just because we feel that it is what you want to hear. If we do not know, often truth does not always result in an answer that anyone wants to hear. It usually results in a better outcome and it helps when trying to decide if you really want to make a commitment and take on the responsibly of a new pet.
  3. We offer ongoing support and encourage open dialog with everyone. We urge everyone to ask a lot of questions and we hope that everyone understands that our belief is that the only ridiculous question is one that never gets asked. We are the first to declare that we do not know all the answers. Although we may not be able to answer every question, whatever we can answer will be honest, always. If we do not have an answer for you, we may be able to offer suggestions or direct you to someone who can. The opinions that we share with you, is knowledge based on more than 25 years of hands on experience.
  4. We value an individual right to privacy. We will never exchange contact information or any information about you or your pets with a third party, unless requested by you to do so in writing. We will not contact you unless it is an emergency or when you have requested us to do so.
  5. Most people who contact us have already done a lot of research. They have already given a lot of thought to purchasing a new pet and feel that they are ready to take on the responsibilities that come with getting a new pet. Occasionally, people who think they are ready, overlook some of the things needed to consider before they make this type of commitment. When this happens we will try to bring this to their attention. Please understand that if we feel that you are not quite ready to purchase a pet from us or if we feel that you cannot provide the right home for one of our animals, we will tell you. It is nothing personal. We are only doing what we feel is best for our pets, for you and for ourselves. If things change, you are welcome to approach us again later.