Our Commitment to Our Pets

  1. Without exception, all the animals in our care, will be cared for in the best possible manner always.
  2. We will never acquire more animals then we can adequately care for or afford and we will not overcrowd our animals.
  3. We will limit the number of animals housed together in any habitat based on the needs of the species. Animals that lead a solitary lifestyle will be housed singly, animals that pair bond will be housed in pairs and herd animals will be housed together in a colony or group of three or more.
  4. They will be fed the best quality foods available daily. This may be in the form of premium brands of commercially prepared pet foods and home cooked, human grade fresh fruits, vegetables and animal protein (meat, eggs, or fish products).
  5. Fresh clean drinking water will be readily available to every animal always.
  6. Every animal will be housed in a safe, comfortable open-air cage that is warm, dry and spacious and the habitat will be kept clean and sanitary always.
  7. Every animal will be well groomed, bathed and treated with parasite prevention regularly.
  8. No animal shall be denied access to veterinary care or medical attention and all vaccinations, if needed, will be current.
  9. We will value every animal for their individuality and we will appreciate them and respect their evolutional (natural) limitations. All animals will receive personalized, one on one interaction to help keep them social and trusting towards people. Although we will attempt to socialize them and keep them fearless of people, we will not try to humanize them or expect them to be something that they just can’t be.
  10. We will identify the personal needs of every pet and address these needs by constantly finding new ways to keep every animal thinking, physically active and social by enriching their environment. We will be creative when we introduce new treats, food items, toys, puzzles, etc.