Our Commitment to Ourselves

  1. We will constantly be aware of and never overlook our own needs, the pet’s needs or our        customer’s needs.
  2. We accept the fact that ‘Mother Nature’ has the final say and can sometimes be cruel. Breeding animals is not for the weak at heart. Things do not often go as planned. We will always be prepared for the disappointments, as tough as they are but we will share our joys with other  people who share our interest.
  3. The needs of our animals come first, our customer’s needs come second.
  4. We will limit the number of animals that we keep, making sure that every animal receives the care they deserve.
  5. Raising pets is our hobby and it is something we enjoy. We will never have so many animals that it becomes a chore to take care of them properly. If it ever starts to feel like a chore, then we will know that some or all of them will need to be offered to pet homes.
  6. We will always maintain a no-nonsense approach when educating others. We will never tell anyone what they want to hear, just because it is something that they want to hear.
  7. We will promote caring for all pets by encouraging a common-sense methodology, combined with stressing the importance of continuous education and gaining awareness about the needs of animals to everyone involved.
  8. We will never be afraid to refuse a sale! Our animals all go to caring homes sooner or later, so we don’t need to be in a rush.
  9. We will never get caught up in breeder politics. Instead, we prefer to accept the fact that every breeder is motivated by different things. While we may not always embrace their philosophy, if their animals are treated fairly, we will respect our differences.
  10. If, for any reason we cannot live up to “Our Commitments” we will get a new hobby and we will find a more suitable home for the animals.

Financial Commitments

After your initial purchase, which can be quite costly depending on the type of pet you choose and how elaborate your display will be, owning any pet requires a significant financial commitment for the remainder of the pet’s life.

Listed below are some of the things that will cost money and need to be considered before purchasing a pet.

• Veterinary costs

• food bills

• toys, sleeping quarters, exercise wheels

• cleaning supplies

• pet insurance

• grooming

• boarding

• traveling and transportation costs

• replacing used equipment i.e. food bowls, water bottles, cages, etc.

These are all things that are sometimes over looked but need to be budgeted for before taking on a pet.