Licenses and permits

(laws and bylaws)

There are many municipal, provincial and federal regulations that address the regulations regarding the ownership of pets. Every province and municipality has its’ own set of rules and regulations pertaining to animals and their husbandry and these laws and bylaws are not always the same in each province or in other municipalities. Some require permits, some places have bans in place, others have no restrictions. This can be very confusing but it is solely the responsibility of the purchaser to know their rights before they acquire, keep, maintain and own animals.

The seller also has obligations and restrictions regarding the keeping and sale of animals but the laws are not always the same as those governing the purchaser. It really depends on where the seller lives. If the seller ships or sells their animals out of area the seller may not know nor is required to know the by-laws in other areas (that is solely the responsibility of the purchaser). It is important that the seller stays current with changes in law, that could affect them, in their area.

If buying or selling internationally the laws are very strict and vary from country to country. Both parties need to be familiar with both the import and the export laws as it pertains to live animals in both countries. If fees need to be paid for veterinary certificates, permits, licenses, etc., the costs associated with it are usually added to the purchase price of the animal by the purchaser. The purchaser will most often be required to pay for these fees in advance.

We suggest that before you proceed or purchase any animal that you first take some time and educate yourself regarding the laws as they pertain to your individual needs and situation. We suggest that you contact your local and provincial government. Start by asking if a permit/license is required and if you do then ask what are the specific requirements, fees etc. to get this permit/license. It is always a good idea to know the actual scientific species name for the animals that you are inquiring about because laws may often not use common names.

Laws, restrictions and regulations are in place for the health and safety of people and animals. They can change very quickly and sometimes without notice. When buying, or selling any pet, stay current! Be sure that you are well informed and are familiar with up to the minute changes in the laws as these changes could affect you.

People often confuse club registration papers, versus municipal, provincial and federal regulations; legal registrations, licensing and other required permits. They are not the same thing and are quite different.

We discuss club registration in more detail elsewhere on this site.