Everyone in the household needs to agree.

How do the people you live with feel about having a new pet in the house? 

It is very important that everyone in the house agrees that getting a pet is a good idea. Sometimes getting a certain type of pet will require a fair bit of discussion between all of the parties that will be sharing the home and involved with the pet. They may not be caring for it but they really should enjoy having it around.

Does any one in your home have a phobia regarding certain species of animal? Phobias, however we feel about them is irrelevant because they are very real to the person who experiences them. The results of having to deal with something that you are deathly afraid of daily can be very traumatic on the phobic and for the caregiver.

If someone is a bit nervous about getting a new pet, before bringing one home perhaps they may be willing to go somewhere to get accustomed to handling one. Never buy a new pet thinking it is a trial run. That is totally irresponsible. Pets can suffer from stress and should not be uprooted and re-homed whenever we feel like it. 

Is your spouse, partner, roommate or you, intolerant of pet odors, pet hair, pet dander, dirt or dust or some of the other realities of sharing your home with an animal? This is very important to consider because nothing can take the joy out of pet ownership more than having someone complaining or feeling frustrated about it all the time.

Does anyone in the household have pet allergies? If so, it is probably better to avoid getting a new pet. After all it is your pet so why should someone else need to suffer.

Do you or does any member of your household have health issues that may be affected by exposure to a pet? Sometimes certain illnesses that people have make them more susceptible to other health issues. If any person living in your household has any type of illness it is probably a good idea to speak with your family doctor regarding the possible consequences of pet exposure.

Do you or anyone in your household have health issues that may be passed on to the pet? Sounds like an odd question. It is something that we humans seldom consider but some illnesses, especially funguses and bacteria can be passed back and forth between animals and humans. This might be something to speak to your doctor or a Veterinarian about.