Appointments to pick up or view any of our animals can be done at our home in NIAGARA FALLS, ON ONLY!

How to contact  Heritage Pets ' Breeders of specialty pets since 1986 '

WEBSITE - (Bookmark our site or add us to your favorites)

Our website is updated daily with pictures and prices of all of the animals we currently have available. It also contains a lot of educational material and helpful tips on how to properly care for your new special pet and some of our policies and procedures that you'll want to know, regarding purchasing one of our pets. 

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PHONE - (647)725-1111 or (289)990-4738 (289-990-HPET)

(Our phone lines are turned on 7 days a week from 9:00 am until 10:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (sorry NO TEXTS)

EMAIL - [email protected]

We certainly do enjoy sharing our knowledge and experiences about our pets with other hobbyists and with people who truly care about pets. Being that we are dedicated breeders who have been enjoying the hobby for a long-time, over the years we have built a solid reputation internationally and now we receive email 24 hours per day, from people all over the world (On average, we receive 1 new email every 7 minutes!) 

Please note that 

  • As much as we appreciate everyone's email, sometimes we sometimes do get a little behind when responding back.  If you don't hear back from us quickly, please be a little patient. If you do not hear back from us you are welcome to call us by phone 289-990-4738 between 9 am until 10 pm ET (sorry NO TEXTS) 
  • We try to reply to as many legitimate email as possible so if you do not receive an email reply please be sure to check you SPAM folder and if need be add our email address to your safe senders list. 
  • We NEVER schedule appointments, take deposits or commit to selling one of our pets to anyone unless we have talked to them first. Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing a pet from us you will need to call and speak with us directly.
  • Sometimes we receive email requesting answers to questions and information that is already addressed on our website. When this happens or if we have already replied to your original email asking that you call us and you continue to email us, we may simply choose to ignore/delete the email (after all if someone chooses not to take a bit of time to read the information already posted on our site then why would we think that someone would read our reply)

TEXT MESSAGES - We believe that before making any decision that involves the level of responsibility and commitment needed to properly care for any living thing that all parties will have a lot of questions (or at least there should be!) Answers to simple questions are not always so simple and therefore before answering questions we will need details. Being that we are talking about live animals there are so many variables and that often many answers are quite subjective. This type of conversation usually requires an actual verbal discussion. Both parties will want to go over things in great detail and therefore there needs to be open and honest dialogue. Two or three word texts messages sent back and forth are not usually an effective way of communication between two people who are deciding to make such a big commitment.  Therefore we do not reply to text messages.  (If your matter is urgent in nature you probably need to speak with us right away, anyway! )

Our ADDRESS - To be disclosed when necessary.

Being that we are a private home we are not open to the public, for security reasons, we have intentionally neglected to post our address on our website. All visits are by appointment only and therefore when we schedule a visit, we will provide you receipt of deposit by email including a confirmation of appointment time and our address along with directions.