Sales Form &

Health Guarantee

(for kittens)

The breeder's First and last name, 289 990-4738, Street Address, Niagara Falls, ON, Postal Code

 _____Once an animal leaves our (the sellers’) home it cannot be returned. It is entirely the responsibility of the purchaser to be prepared for the commitment they are making prior to getting any new pet. If problems arise (example; landlord disputes, allergies, trainability issues, does not get along with other pets, house mates don’t approve, etc.) it is the purchasers’ responsibility to resolve their own issues.

 _____The breeder (seller) guarantees that if the kitten identified in this guarantee, should die or require euthanasia for anything that our veterinarian has vaccinated it for, or because of a severe congenital defect within 365 days, once the kitten has been returned to me I will replace the kitten with another kitten of equal value or at the discretion of the breeder (seller), he may choose to offer a refund of the original purchase price of the kitten(s) only. For the purchaser identified below to qualify for this guarantee, this kitten(s) must be examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours after it leaves my home. (Excluding weekends and statutory holidays). This veterinarian visit is entirely at the expense of the purchaser. If the vet finds any uncommon disorder that can sometimes occur in any pet, you may choose to return the pet to me within 24 hours of the examination, for a full refund of the original purchase price of the kitten only. (Common disorders include worms, fleas, mites and minor colds). Your cat has been treated with “Advantage Multi” for fleas prior to pick up. - DO NOT RETREAT FOR 30 DAYS, UNLESS SPECIFIED TO DO SO BY A LICENSED VETERINARIAN.

 _____ The breeder (seller) does not assume any responsibility (cover or reimburse) for any veterinary fees or associated charges once the kitten leaves his home. All veterinary expenses and all other costs associated with caring for this pet, are solely the responsibility of the purchaser. All veterinary requirements are to be met by the purchaser. (This includes but is not limited to, proper vaccinations for the most common feline diseases such as calicci, feline rhinotracheitis, rabies and panleukopenia, as well as for emergency and/ or extreme requirements such as accidents or unexpected infections, spaying / neutering, and/or any other health problem (s).)

 _____The purchaser understands that this guarantee is non-transferable and guarantees that this kitten(s) being purchased will never be sold or given to any other person, pet store, lab, humane society or organization without the written consent of the original breeder (seller).

 _____This kitten is NOT ELIGIBLE FOR REGISTRATION with any organized group, club or cat association. The kitten being purchased is of "pet quality" and should eventually be neutered at the purchasers’ expense.The seller does not guarantee breed conformation, personality, behavior, trainability or the reproductive ability of the pet.


On (date of sale), I (sellers’ name), agree to sell one (colour) ,sex), Persian X Himalayan kitten (web pic /I.D. #), born on(birth date). The mother is a (colour), (breed). The father is a(colour), (breed)...

To: purchasers’ name) __________________________________ address: ______________________ ______________ city _______________province _________________postal code: __________________

phone no: _________________________________ email address______________________________________

Price of Kitten $______

+ other (i.e. shipping, boarding etc.)$______

(We require a minimum of 25% as a Deposit)                                                                   TOTAL PRICE: $______

(The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE- unless                                                                      - Less Deposit ______ 

the breeders’ Veterinarian suspects that this kitten might be unhealthy)                   BALANCE DUE $______

Paid by ______

Pick up date ______

 _____I the purchaser am over 18 years of age and I understand that there are no oral representations not contained within and that I have read the entire agreement and I also understand that should I choose not to take this kitten to a licensed veterinarian vet within 72 hours of purchase that I assume full responsibility and understand that there will be absolutely no guarantee. I agree that the above stated is the entire agreement between the parties undersigned.

Date: __________________ Purchaser's signature(s):  _____________________

Date: ___________________  Vendor's signature(s):  ______________________

A few more things to think about!

Spaying/neutering is the best way of avoiding unplanned litters therefore we recommend that every pet owner should have a discussion with their veterinarian to learn the pros and cons regarding spaying/neutering.

Declawing is elective surgery whereby the nails and tips of the toes are amputated. This is a very painful procedure that is seldom necessary. While a few people still choose to have this done, many countries have banned declawing and in Canada, some provinces are in the process of banning it. Banned or not, for obvious reasons, many veterinarians refuse to perform this elective surgery. There are better options i.e., training, scratching posts, toys, nail capping or to simply keep you cats’ claws trimmed!

Indoor Cats generally live longer! They are at a lower risk of infectious diseases, parasites, and injury (caused by other cats, predators, vehicles or human cruelty). They also don’t pose a risk to our own native flora and fauna, (birds, mammals, amphibians etc.) many of which are already on endangered species lists. Keep your cats safer by keeping them indoors!

Extra Notes such as transitioning tips etc., may be listed on reverse side or on attached page...Page 1 of ?

We provide a 

Feline Health Record 

With every cat or kitten when it leaves our home.