No Refunds

No Refunds No Exchange on animals after they leave our home.
We do not rent out our pets

Ask yourself…would you want to buy an animal from a breeder who takes back animals not knowing where they have been or what they have been exposed to?
When someone is purchasing a pet from a breeder they are putting their faith in the breeder and they want to know that the breeder can back their guarantee.
When we agree to sell you a pet we have done so because we were lead to believe by you that you have already done your research and that you have decided that you are well-prepared and 100% committed to taking the pet home, where it will be well-cared for by you, for the rest of it’s life.
If we did not feel that you were serious and committed we would not have agreed to sell you the pet.

We never pressure anyone in to purchasing any pet from us or anywhere else. The decision to do so is entirely your own to make.

Once an animal leaves our home a person may choose to return it to us but he or she will not be provided with a refund. We will not give them a credit towards a future purchase and we certainly would not be willing to purchase the animal from them.

If for any reason, you feel the need to return a pet that you have purchased then it is you who has made a mistake. Somewhere during in the process, at some point while doing your research, until the time when you decided to make the commitment to purchase the pet, you neglected or forgot something. We all know that when we make mistakes or poor choices, they are usually costly. When dealing with pets your mistakes are costly for you and for the animal.

If you choose to bring the animal back and accept your loss, if we accept responsibility for that animal it will be considered as a surrender (we have a few pages dedicated to surrendering pets and foster animals on our site).

We are not always able to take in animals. We need to be able to accommodate them comfortably and have the time needed to care for them properly. If we do take them in they will be cared for just like all our animals. It will not be offered for resale right away and it will not be returned to you.

It is important to understand that whenever we take an animal into our home, whether we have purchased it for our selves or if it comes in as a foster, we follow a very strict quarantine protocol. We do not make exceptions.

Every animal is placed in quarantine for 10 days or longer if needed, because we need to make sure they are healthy. While in quarantine, they will be treated (as a precaution) for parasites and they will receive a fungal bath. They will receive a premium, good quality diet and then when we feel it is safe to release them, we will do so.

If we have not found a good home for them we will post their picture on foster page on our site and offer them for a small fee. By this time, we have invested a fair amount of time and money into caring for the animal and we never expect to recoup these expenses but we will eventually find a good home for them.

If you don’t not agree with our no refund policy you may want to hold off getting a new pet. You may need to do more research until you truly understand the commitment that is needed when purchasing any animal.

When mistakes are made irresponsibly, the breeder, the purchaser and the animal suffers. So be sure you are making the right choice and always do your research before purchasing any pet.