Our Story

...a bit of a timeline

We are not a pet store. We are professional breeders located in Ontario, Canada. This is a hobby that we as a family share. We all have an innate passion for nature and all living things. The focus of our hobby is raising specialty pets. At the moment, we do not sell any pet supplies as we prefer to leave that to pet stores.

We have always been involved in animal husbandry and we have a keen interest in genetics and animal behavior. Our education and our careers have been focused on caring for animals. Our resumes include; working with veterinarians, breeders, pet stores and zoological societies, designing, manufacturing & distributing pet foods and supplies.

We have always kept small companion animals as pets. However, when we first started in the hobby, we had a hobby farm where we raised a few types of endangered heritage breeds of farm animals. Our focus was conservation and preservation and our goal was to maintain the genetic diversity of the foundation heritage breeds that contributed so much to our modern-day farming industry.

In 1986, we found ourselves becoming more and more interested in raising some of the more unusual types of animals especially those that we could interact with as pets. Heritage Pets was born! We quickly became a reliable source of information for people who wanted to learn more about caring for the small companion animals that they keep as pets.

In 2005, we launched our first website (www.heritage-pets.com). It quickly became a go-to source for people around the world who are hoping to educate themselves regarding the care of specialty pets of all types.

By 2015, we started to receive dozens of emails and phone calls every day. On average, we would receive at least 1 email every 7 minutes! We knew that we had to make changes that would make it easier for people to access information. We decided that we needed to update our website and include information about caring for some of the common as well as the more unusual specialty pets that we have cared for over the years. 

In 2017, we launched www.heritagepets.ca and we will be closing our heritage-pets.com within within the next few months.

Every day brings about new experiences and our pets bring us a lot of joy. We are committed to our hobby and we enjoy sharing that information with other people who share our interest.