Payment Options

We never accept cheques. 

(Cash, EMT or PayPal in CDN currency only)

We have several payment options to choose from if paying in advance. BUT being that we are a private home, if you are picking up an animal at our home, we only accept cash at the time of pick-up. We don't always have small bills to make change. We suggest that whenever possible that the purchasers bring the exact amount in cash.

Email Money Transfer

We accept and prefer payment via email money transfer (also called Internet or Online banking). It is probably the most convenient way to pay. Before sending any payment be sure to call us first to confirm availability and your total. Remember that you will need a security question and answer so we do need to speak with you before we can accept your electronic transfer. All E.M.T. transactions can be sent to our email address, which is [email protected]

If you have access to online banking but are not familiar with how to make an email money transfer, just give us a call and we can guide you through the process. It is very simple!


If you have a PayPal account, you can send the entire purchase price or if you prefer to you can send just the deposit using PayPal. The PayPal transaction can be sent to our email address, which is [email protected] If you are sending a deposit via PayPal and would also like to pay the balance using PayPal, you will need to pay the balance due at least 24 hours prior to the actual pick-up date. Or, you can choose to pay the balance in full using cash at the time of pick-up.

Credit Cards using PayPal

We do not take credit cards at our home. If you would like to pay with a credit card in advance, you may be able to do so by choosing to pay with your Credit Card through PayPal. You may not even need a PAYPAL account! It is easy! Please refer to the website.


Haggling over price just isn't something we do!

We do not negotiate or discount our prices on animals.

If you cannot afford to purchase a pet right now perhaps it is better to wait until you are in a better financial position to do so. ‘Remember, there are additional costs of owning a pet after you make the initial purchase’

Sometimes people trying to get a "deal" feel that by telling us that they feel that an animal is not worth the value of what we are asking for it and they try to negotiate with us. We are not interested! Instead of trying to get a "deal" ask yourself "Why would any good breeder want to sell someone a pet knowing the person buying it can not afford to buy it or is someone who does not value its worth". We are never in a hurry to sell one of our pets and are perfectly fine with someone choosing not to buy one from us. If you truly feel that an animal is overpriced or do not want to pay the price for the animal from us then we actually do prefer that you look around until you find one that is within your price range. There will always be someone trying to sell things, looking to make a quick sale. If you are comfortable purchasing a pet from some like that, then you may want to rethink why it is you are wanting a new pet.

To find something within your budget, you may need to shop around.

Our prices are fair!

And they are not negotiable.

We are breeders who take pride in caring for our pets and taking the time to educate others about caring for them. We are never in a hurry to sell one of our pets and know they all find homes quick enough. We are committed to raising animals properly and ethically. We never cut corners and never deprive our animals of having everything they need food, a clean warm and dry shelter, medical care etc. (Veterinary care can be very expensive.) We know from our own experiences that raising pets is not a cheap hobby and if it is, then something is not right.

If you feel that you can not afford the price, then you need to ask yourself what you’ll do if your pet gets injured.

When we price our pets there is a lot to consider and we can only hope that we break even. Our prices are determined after first considering what it costs to raise them, (supplies, lineage, the amount of time it takes to raise a successful litter and to care for our animals properly) and some other factors that influence prices (listed below).

Availability – Some species are seasonal breeders and therefore there are more babies available at certain times of the year. Late fall through early spring, the time when many people stick closer to home and want to add a bit of sunshine to their lives by bringing a new pet home. For us, this is the time of year when the demand is highest, but the availability is lowest. Prices are affected by the lack of availability.

Gender – Quite often the males of certain species may be offered for sale at slightly lower prices than that of a female of the same species. Many species are not monogamous, and one male will mate with several females and he can sire a litter numerous times throughout the year. A female on the other hand, can only reproduce a set number of times each year. Therefore, when they are housed in captivity, a breeder may not keep as many males as they would females.

This is ideal for people looking for a pet. Males of some species are known to form better bonds with their caregivers. They are not usually nest protective and their personality is more consistent than females that experience hormonal changes when she is nesting.

Colour Variety- A lot of breeders specialize in raising rare and unusual colour morphs. If they are rare that means that there are not as many available. Colour morphs are a result of genetic inheritance and while there certainly can be some degree of predictability there is not always a guarantee that this colour morph will reproduce itself regularly. Often a single gene may be dominant and override the other gene so these colours can be more challenging to reproduce. If you want to save a bit, why not consider a more common colour. It could save you a bit of money and you will still have a pet that you will enjoy.

Age- When selecting a new pet, a lot of people believe that younger animals make better pets even though that is not always the case. The longer the baby stays with its mother the more opportunity he or she will have to learn from her. Of course, all babies must leave the nest eventually but to be fair to you and the pet, never buy a pet that is too young especially one that has been weaned too early. Babies that are weaned too young can develop physical and psychological health issues that can affect the animal throughout its life, which often becomes problematic for the pet owner.

It is a natural part of human nature that when we are looking for a new pet we tend to gravitate towards nurturing and watching baby animals mature into an adult. Baby animals often have the look of innocence which we humans find very attractive but then as they age some people who are choosing a new pet might find them less appealing and choose one that is younger. This is not always a wise choice. While the experience is cute it is important to accept that often caring for young animals can be more demanding more so when a person needs to care for a newly weaned baby. We also need to remind ourselves that a baby animal is only a baby for a very short time, they are not developed physically or mentally yet. Animals start to mature quickly, as it matures it’s looks will change and although we may be able to influence its personality somewhat, we need to consider that personality is also influenced by heredity. Sometimes considering a pet that is a bit older is a wiser choice. Occasionally, some breeders who need to sell the pet, attempting to make them a little more appealing to a person buying a new pet, may be a little more flexible and willing to adjust prices on older animals. This is not always the case because most good breeders never need to sell a pet.

We always suggest to breeders looking to add another pet to a breeding program that it is often better to purchase an animal after it has had more time to mature. Teenage pets or better still, proven breeders from 'good quality' stock are often the best choice. You may not always save money when purchasing an older animal and in some cases it may even cost a little more, but you’ll have a better idea of what the animal looks and acts like after it has matured a bit and you’ll be in a better position to decide if it is the right fit for you or your breeding program.

Our price are FIRM and non-negotiable however if would like, you are welcome to email us your name, email address, phone number and you include the price that you are willing to pay, should we find ourselves in a position where we are looking for a buyer in a few weeks, we may be willing to contact you to let you know that we have adjusted our prices and posted the price on our website.