Viewing and picking up animals at our home. 

We prefer that our animals be picked up in person at our home in Niagara Falls, ON by the purchaser, however we know that this is not always possible and sometimes people need to choose shipping or delivery to get their pet to them.

We do welcome visits to our home in Niagara Falls, Ontario, from people who are serious about viewing and purchasing one of our animals. When we schedule appointments we give precedence to people who have already left a deposit on a pet.

Please respect the fact that we are a private home and that we are not open to the public. We house our breeding animals in separate breeding facilities in our other home and only ever show animals that are ready to leave.

We do not do tours!  Besides, we (like most people), lead very busy lives and whenever we do invite anyone to our home, we must first rearrange our schedule and we simply do not have enough time to entertain spectators. Disrupting our day and rearranging our schedule to accommodate people who are not truly serious about purchasing or learning about the animals we raise, causes far too much commotion for our pets and for ourselves and it is far too stressful for nocturnal animals especially mothers with babies.

We revieve a lot of requests from people wanting to see if they are allergic....We are certainly not the ideal place to come to and have a "Test Run" to see if you are going to be allergic to a specific pet. We have other pets in our home and if you it is likely that you or someone already has concerns so if you are allergic you will likely react to something cat, dog, bird, hedgehog etc. ?

By now, you may have already noticed that when requesting to visit a breeder, unless you have already left a deposit on a specific pet, that now like us, many breeders require a reservation fee prior to booking an appointment (some breeders refer to thid fee as a non-refundable educational fee). Typically, the Reservation fees are usually deducted from the purchase price of the pet.  This is done because it reassures the us that when we rearrange our day that the person coming has a vested and sincere interest in one of our pets instead of us waiting for people who sometimes fail to show up or  just want to visit so that they can play with a pet.  

We requequire a $25.00 deposit to hold a specific pet. We too request a $ 25.00 fee for those wanting to visit but do not want to reserve a specific pet. 

If you choose not to send a deposit because you would rather wait until you have picked out the animal in person, a $25.00 reservation fee is required at the time you are scheduling a visit. The reservation will be deducted from the purchase price of the pet. If you don't want to reserve a pet by deposit or send a reservation fee, are certainly welcome to visit. However we are pretty busy and often have appointments booked back to back will not wait more than an hour or so you are free to call within an hour or so on the day you want to come by and . 

Before we schedule your appointment, we need to know which animals that interest you the most. That way if they don’t sell by the time of your visit, we can have those animals and a few similar animals available for your viewing. Please be aware that just because you have scheduled an appointment does not mean the animal is on hold. If the animal sells and we don’t have one that is similar, if timeline allows, we will call you to cancel the appointment. Keep in mind that we often have appointments on the same day . Sometimes they are booked back to back and many of our customers drive several hours to get here so we need to be mindful and respect their appointment.

It is best if we have a contact number to contact you just in case we need to reschedule or cancel the appointment. This seldom happens but we want to be respectful. Especially if you have chosen not to leave a deposit and the animal you are interested in sells while you are already on your way.