We will not commit to the sale of any pet

without speaking with you first.


All visits are by appointment only!

To book an appointment, we require that you call by phone.

We have been in the hobby of raising pets for a long time and are quite known for sharing our experiences with other hobbyists and pet enthusiasts who share our interest. It seems that in recent years, we have become a go-to source for people wanting to learn about pets and as a result, we have become very popular and now we receive dozens of email and phone calls daily from people requesting information about how to care for their pet or from other people wanting to purchase or visit our pets. Typically, we don't have enough spare time to accommodate everyone who asks to visit and therefore we need to be selective.

We ask everyone to understand that raising pets is just one of our hobbies and while we are passionate about it, it is not a business and it is not our livelihood! Like most people, we have jobs and we lead very busy lives. Before we schedule a visit, we will want to know more about you and you’ll probably want to know more about us. We try to be accommodating but if/when we agree to schedule a time for someone to view or pick-up animals, we will first need to re-organize our own schedule accordingly.

We know that most people who have been seriously considering getting a new pet can appreciate the amount of time and the level of commitment that is needed on behalf of the breeder and they understand why most breeders require a deposit to reserve a pet or why they would require a deposit before they are willing to commit to changing their own schedule to accommodate a visit from someone.

We certainly appreciate why and encourage everyone to take their time before deciding to commit to caring for a new pet. It is very important that you are ready before asking us to re-arrange our day just, so you can visit. (how reasonable is it to think that most people are willing to take an afternoon off just to accommodate a visit from a total stranger?) While we will do try our best to re-arrange our schedule to accommodate your schedule, we do require a 25% deposit to reserve a certain pet, or a $25.00 RESERVATION/SERVICE FEE.

Scheduling a visit 

To schedule an appointment, we require that you call by phone. If it is your first time calling, we will do our best go over many of the pros and cons of purchasing and caring for this type of pet and you will be encouraged to ask your list of questions so that together we can go over a few things that may be helpful for you to decide whether this type of pet might be the right choice for you. Hopefully, after a brief discussion, we will have shared enough information for us to decide if this type of pet is a perfect fit for you and if you are a suitable candidate who will provide a good home for one of our pets and you'll have a better idea whether we are the type of breeder that you are comfortable purchasing a pet from. If, we both agree that this might be a suitable match, then we can plan for your deposit and schedule a visit.



If while viewing our website, you see a picture of an animal marked as “Available” that you really want, then we advise you to call us to inquire about it, ASAP. Before we will commit to the sale of any pet, you and I will first need to discuss the animal and exchange information about one another. Then if we agree to selling someone a pet, we will only hold it once we have received deposit.

We try and suggest or encourage anyone who is interested in purchasing a specific pet to leave a 25 % non-refundable deposit. This is the only way to be sure that you will get the pet that you really prefer. BUT … NEVER send a deposit without calling us first, just to make sure the animal that you want is still available.

• Our availability is very unpredictable and fluid, it can change very quickly!

• Quite often, we have been communicating with several different people all who are seriously considering purchasing the same animal, then after one person sends a deposit the pet is no longer available.

• Never assume that just because it was available in the morning that is still available in the evening.

• Sometimes we will hold a pet for someone for an hour or so to give them time to send a deposit. Being that it is only for a brief time, we do not always post it to our website.

• Be aware that after we have received a deposit, we will hold any animal that is already completely weaned and ready to leave, for up to five days for no additional fee. However, if the purchaser needs us to hold it longer than five days we can always discuss the options but in addition to the deposit a boarding fee will be applied and must be paid for in advance.

After speaking to one another, if we both agree to reserving a specific pet and we have all agreed on a specific date and time to schedule a visit, we require a 25% minimum non-refundable deposit before we will reserve a pet. We will likely agree to hold a pet for an hour or just to allow ample time for you to send a deposit. The deposit can be paid online using PayPal or an Email Money Transfer or in person with Cash. 

Sometimes we will need to provide you with specific details in order to complete this transaction. (example… Paying with Email Money Transfer may require a security question or a password or if paying with PayPal you may need a specific email address).

When sending a deposit, we will also need you to send us an instructional email from your own email address, one that we can reply to. This email should instruct us as to what animal you want us to apply the deposit to, (most animals have Webpic #) and we will also need the contact information as you would like it to appear on the Sales Form and Health Guarantee. (Name, Address, City, Province, Postal Code, Phone Number and the Email address that you prefer we reply to). If this is a surprise for someone in you family, please indicate that this is a gift or a surprise in your email, that way if we need to contact you for any reason and if we need to leave a message, we will not say Heritage Pets called.

After we receive this instructional email from you, we will reply, sending you a receipt /balance due (which must be paid for in full before the animal leaves our home), our contact information (Name, Address, Phone Number and Email) along with the appointment time, and directions to our home. Please be sure to take a couple of minutes to review the information in our reply email, to make sure that the information is correct and let us know by email if any changes need to be made.

After we accepted the deposit that you sent us, we guarantee that the animal you reserved will be here for you. It will be considered SOLD or P.P.U. and no one other than you, or us are permitted to view the animal.

Although we can never guarantee if other animals will be available, when you come to pick up the pet you reserved, however if we do have any, up to four will be available for you view and interact with. Although the deposit you sent is non-refundable, if while you are here, if you like another animal better, then we encourage you to take the one you like the best. We will be quite happy to transfer your deposit and adjust our health guarantee to reflect the price and information of the one you prefer most. Then we will re-post the one you originally reserved, on our website and indicate that it is ‘Available’ and it will be available for other people to view.

Many people prefer to pay for the new pet in full instead of leaving a deposit. But If you have sent a partial payment then there will be a balance due which can be paid with cash at the time of pick-up. If you prefer paying the remaining balance using EMT or PayPal, the funds must be received by us, 24 hours in advance of pick-up. (this is only because we often, have several appointments booked back to back and being respectful of everyone’s time we need to avoid electronic delays and stay on schedule.)


is required to schedule a visit in advance

As a result of the number of “no shows” & last-minute cancellations, before we will schedule a one-time appointment, we require a $25.00 RESERVATION / SERVICE FEE . (except if someone has already reserved a specific pet and has sent us a 25% deposit) This fee must be paid by Interact or PayPal and is due when we confirm a time for your one visit. This fee is non-refundable but if you do decide to purchase a pet from us during this one-time visit, the $25.00 fee will be deducted from the purchase price of the pet. If you cancel, or simply do not show up or if you choose not to purchase a pet during your visit, the $25.00 RESERVATION / SERVICE FEE will not be refunded instead we will apply this fee as payment towards the time we spent preparing for your visit and re-arranging our schedule.

When sending a reservation fee, we will also need you to send us an email from your own email address, one that we can reply to. This email should include the appointment time that we have agreed to, your name, phone number (in case we must cancel do to road conditions weather etc. ) and the Email address that we can reply to and send you a receipt, and appointment confirmation that we agreed to, our address and directions to our home.

If you prefer not to commit to a small $25.00 reservation fee, then please understand that we will not commit in advance or re-arrange our schedule to accommodate a visit on a specific date and time. If you prefer to wait and take your chance of arranging a same day visit, then you are welcome to call, a couple hours in advance, on the day that you are hoping to come-by, to ask if we are available for a same day visit. If we don't have anything already planned, we may be willing to schedule a same day visit. (But it is highly probable that we already have other plans for the day and therefore a same day visit will not be an option) It may even be better for you to find another breeder who can accommodate your wishes and one that you trust.

What to Expect During Your Visit

During our initial phone conversation, regarding your desire to get a new pet, we probably discussed some of your preferences i.e. colour, age, gender, etc. and we likely have a pretty good idea of what you are hoping to find. If we have one you like featured on our website or if we feel that we have something that might interest you, if we can both agree on a time, then we will go ahead and schedule a time for your visit.

Most visits are schedule during the daytime, which is the time when nocturnal animals are usually sleeping. This being the case, we obviously do not want to disturb any that do not interest you. Depending on the selection we have at the time of your visit, unless you are very specific and already sent a deposit to hold a specific pet, we will have a few animals available for you to view. Typically, we limit the number of animals that we put on display to four or five and we try our best to only show you the animals that best fit the description that you have provided.

Being that we breed some of our animals off site, (in our other home) any animal that is still nursing or not quite able to leave, will not be on display. It is far to risky to remove unweaned babies from their mother as moving or transporting them can be stressful for them and their mother and sometimes putting them back with their mothers can have dire consequences.

If we agree to scheduling a visit, when you send the deposit or reservation fee, in a separate email (in writing) please send us the information the way that you would like to have appear on the Receipt / Health Guarantee. Briefly describe what the deposit is for (The Webpic # ? a Reservation Fee etc.) and Name – Address - City / Province - Postal Code - Phone Number – Email Address. (if applicable… also specify that this is a gift or surprise for my child - we seldom need to call but just in case, we would not want to ruin your surprise by leaving too detailed of a message if someone other than you answered the phone)

We will reply in writing by email with Receipt of deposit, confirming our appointment time and directions to our home.

What you can expect when planning and preparing for your visit

1. Appointments usually last approximately a half an hour.

2. Please be on time. We often have appointments booked back to back therefore we ask that if you are not able to make your appointment on time or if you need to cancel to please call so that we can reschedule, if need be.

3. Limit the number of people you bring with you to our home. Besides the fact that we are a private home, purchasing a pet is a serious commitment and the fewer distractions the better!

4. Do not bring other pets to our home. They will not be allowed inside our home or near any of our other pets, including the one you are considering buying.

5. Once you arrive at our home to pick up a pet, we will go over and demonstrate how to properly handle your new pet and we will discuss many of the 'do’s and don’ts' and answer any questions you may have.

6. Make notes! Write down your questions! THE MORE QUESTIONS THE BETTER! A lot of what we need to discuss will have already been addressed on the phone but there are things we will still want to go over and if we can, we want to answer anything that you still have questions about. We suggest that before you arrive at our home to view a pet, be sure to write down a list of your questions, because once the animal is in your hands you may draw a blank and almost every question that you wanted to ask, leaves your mind. Getting a pet is an exciting time, if it isn’t then maybe you are not quite ready to make such a commitment. Often people visiting a new pet for the first time get a bit overwhelmed with positive emotions and end up paying more attention to the animal than they spend listening to what we are telling them. This is only natural! But your list of question may come in handy. Not to worry though, we are only a phone call away.

7. If this person who is wanting the pet is under 18 years of age, a person older than 18 is also required to be present at the time of pick-up to sign our Health Guarantee, thereby accepting the terms of the Sales Form (Health Guarantee) and indicating that they are also assuming responsibly for the pet.

8. If you know in advance that anyone other than yourself will be picking up/accepting this pet, please email (in writing) the name of the person (who must be over 18), who you have authorized to pick up and sign the Health Guarantee on your behalf.

9. If language is a problem, we suggest that the purchaser bring one other person who is over 18 years of age, who can interpret our care tips, and read our sales form and sign our guarantee.

10. More often than not we will have a cardboard box that you can have to help transport a new pet home in. Sometimes, depending on the type of animal you are picking up and what your travel plans are we will ask that you bring your own cage, PLEASE KEEP IN MIND … cardboard will not last long especially if you are purchasing a pet known to chew! You will need to bring a suitable chew-proof cage to transport such a pet.

11. If you choose to pay the remaining balance using EMT or PayPal the funds must be received by us, 24 hours in advance of pick-up. This is only to avoid electronic delays as we must stay on schedule.

12. If you have a balance due at the time of pick-up, please know that we are not set up to take PayPal or Email Money Transfers at our home. Cash only please and if possible, please bring the exact amount of money, being that we are a private home, sometimes we are not able to make change. However, being that we live so close to the Niagara Falls tourist area, there are a lot of places that you can go to make change, if you need to.


• To avoid unscheduled visits, we have deliberately not posted our home address on our website. But we will provide it when/if we schedule an appointment.

• Being that we are a private home we do not keep set hours, but we do try to be accommodating.

• Typically, appointments/visits last approximately 20-30 minutes as we will want to and need to go over a few things and show you how to handle and care for this type of pet.

• Being that we often have appointments booked back to back, if you are not able to make your appointment on time or if you need to cancel or re-schedule, please call us so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

• You are welcome to bring a small suitable pet carrier but if you do not have a carrier, we will provide a small box/container to take your pet home in.

(647) 725-1111 in Mississauga, ON

(289) 990-4738 in Niagara Falls, ON. (289-990-H-PET)

9:00 am until 10:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time)


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