Reserving a specific animal.

To reserve a particular pet, you will need to place a minimum of 25% non-refundable deposit before we will hold any animal. Many people preferring to save on transaction fees, pay for the entire purchase in full at the time they are reserving the pet, but it is your choice, full payment is not required to reserve a pet.

“We will never hold any animal or considered one sold without first receiving a 25% non-refundable deposit.”

Never send a deposit without first calling to make sure the animal is still available.

Do not assume that just because it was available in the morning that is still available in the evening. Availability often changes in minutes. Quite often we have several people who are seriously considering a specific animal but someone sends a deposit before they get to it.

If while viewing our website, you see a picture of an available animal that you really want, then we advise that you call us ASAP.

We (you and I) first need to :

  • Discuss the animal and agree to the sale.
  • Discuss your pick-up, delivery, shipping options. (We will only hold weaned animals for five days once we have received a deposit)
  • We will need to provide you with the details of this transaction. (Paying with Email Money Transfer needs a security question and a password)
  • We will also need to schedule a pick-up time
  • We will need to exchange contact information by email, as you would like it to appear on the Sales Form and Health Guarantee. (Name, Address, Phone Number and Email)
  • After we have received the non-refundable deposit or full payment using PayPal or Money Transfer, you will receive confirmation from your financial institution.
  • After we receive your email with your contact information as you would like it to appear on the Sales Form and Health Guarantee. (Name, Address, Phone Number and Email) we will also send you a receipt and our contact information (Name, Address, Phone Number and Email) along with the appointment time, as confirmation and the directions to our home.
  • After we accept the deposit we will consider that animal SOLD and no one other than you or ourselves will be able to view that animal.

Any deposit can be paid online using PayPal or an Email Money Transfer or in person with Cash. 

The balance due must be paid for in full before the animal leaves our home. It can be paid with cash at time of pick-up or if you prefer paying the remaining balance using EMT or PayPal, the funds must be received by us, 24 hours in advance of pick-up.

After we have received a 25% non-refundable deposit, we will hold any animal that is already weaned and ready to leave for up to five days for no additional fee to the purchaser. If you need us to hold it longer than five days we can discuss this but a boarding fee will be applied and must be paid for in advance.