is required to schedule a visit in advance.

As a result of the number of “no shows” & last-minute cancellations, before we will schedule a one-time appointment, we require a $25.00 RESERVATION / SERVICE FEE -(except if someone has already reserved a specific pet and has sent us a 25% deposit) This fee must be paid by Interact or PayPal and is due when we confirm a time for your one visit. This fee is non-refundable but if you do decide to purchase a pet from us during this one-time visit, the $25.00 fee will be deducted from the purchase price of the pet. If you cancel, or simply do not show up or if you choose not to purchase a pet during your visit, the $25.00 RESERVATION / SERVICE FEE will not be refunded instead we will apply this fee as payment towards the time we spent preparing for your visit and for having to re-arrange our schedule.

When sending a reservation fee, we will also need you to send us an email from your own email address, one that we can reply to. This email should include the appointment time that we have agreed to, your name, phone number (in case we must cancel do to road conditions weather etc. ) and the Email address that we can reply to when sending you a receipt, an appointment time confirmation that we agreed to, our address and directions to our home.

If you prefer not to commit to a small $25.00 reservation fee, then please understand that we will NEVER schedule or commit to a visit in advance nor will we re-arrange our schedule to accommodate a visit.

If you prefer to wait and take your chance of arranging a same day visit, then you are welcome to call, a couple hours in advance, on the day that you are hoping to come-by, to ask if we are available for a same day visit. If we don't have anything already planned, we may be willing to schedule a same day visit. (it is highly probable that we already have other plans for the day and therefore a same day visit will not be an option) It may even be better for you to find another breeder you can trust and who can accommodate your wishes.