We occasionally will ship by air but, within Canada ONLY!

... using Air Canada Cargo and West Jet

In Canada, shipping live animals by air is extremely regulated! There are very strict policies and procedures in place that need to be followed and the process can be quite time consuming and therefore adds to the cost for the breeder and for the purchaser.

Often some breeders may simply not want to bother investing any time into making shipping arrangements. The hobby of caring for and raising healthy pets is the number one priority to a good breeder. Sales or delivery is not likely going to be on the top 10 things to do list as most good breeders are never in a rush to sell a pet. They are confident that within a few days someone else who can also provide a good caring home for the pet will come along.

When asked about shipping, many breeders who are not interested in investing any of their time into shipping, will be honest as why they do not ship. Others may reply expressing unsubstantiated facts, i.e. often telling people that shipping animals by Air is dangerous and that it is far too stressful for the animal. While this may be their own opinion it is certainly not ours. Shipping animals by air is considered safe and, in our opinion, it is probably a lot less stressful then driving a long distance, in heavy traffic.

Of course, we prefer to meet everyone considering purchasing one of our pets in person, but we realize that this is not always practical. Like many people, we too have experienced some of the challenges of trying to locate a specific animal. We certainly understand the feelings of frustration, when you finally find the perfect pet, but the breeder is not willing to ship or if you are lucky enough to find a breeder willing to ship just to cover the shipping costs it often ends up becoming impractical or unaffordable.

Although we prefer not to ship, if / when we have the time, we will try to help you get the animal from us, that you are hoping to purchase. If we agree to arrange air transportation, please understand that shipping is not our priority and that we only offer this is a courtesy to those who are seriously interested in purchasing our pets. 

We do not make any profit from shipping - whatever we pay, is what you pay.


Below are a few things that need to be understood by everyone before we will start to make plans to have any animal shipped by air. And, to help us keep track of where, when and who, when inquiring about shipping, we ask that they read the information below and then if you are still interested please submit a Shipping Request Form that is available on this site. (This form must be completed before we will begin to proceed with arranging or quoting a price for Air Shipping.)

1. We have no control of Flight schedules or fees.

2. The purchaser understands that shipping fees are a separate purchase which is not part of the price of the animal(s) that are being purchased and these fees are not covered under our Health Guarantee and the shipping fees are not refundable nor transferrable!

3. The purchaser assumes all responsibility for all transportation fees, permit fees, veterinary fees, and other associated charges that may pertain to shipping.

4. All Shipping Fees must be paid for in full, at the time of booking a flight reservation and these fees are non-refundable. After the payment has been received, we will go ahead and make the reservation and forward you a confirmation email (itinerary).

5. In addition to the flight charges, being that we NEVER hold any animal(s) without a deposit, a minimum of 25 % of the total price of every animal being purchased from us, must also be paid at the time of booking.

6. No Animal leaves our home unless it has been paid for in full (including transport fees), at least 72 hours prior to the delivery date and time. If we do not receive payment on time all deposits and the shipping fees will be lost (forfeited by the purchaser)

7. We guarantee that the shipment will arrive for departure at the airport on time (excluding things that are not in our control such as airline disruptions or rescheduling, highway accidents, inclimate weather and road conditions etc.). If the Airlines tells us that we need to reschedule then we will follow their instructions, otherwise if we fail to meet our obligation we can discuss making alternative arrangements and agree to shipping at another time or we (the seller) may choose to refund the entire purchase price of the animals plus the cost of the flight.

8. Prices are not negotiable and there is minimum order (as described below).

Minimum order - to qualify for Air Transportation

- Not all animals are eligible for Air Transport (this is at our discretion)

- We require that the total purchase of $200.00 (not including transportation fees) be made per transaction.

- Multiple animals of the same species can sometimes be put together in one carrier so, you may be able to be purchase multiples at the same time to help make up the $200.00

- Price for Air Shipping -


The cost to book a flight to ship a small pocket pet, to most major cities in Canada starts at $195.00

The cost to book a flight to ship a cat or a kitten, to most major cities in Canada starts at $295.00

This price includes:

- Delivery by private courier to the YYZ (Toronto) or YHM (Hamilton) airport.

- One airline approved carrier.

- The cost of the flight.

If you are interested in pursuing this, please fill out the Shipping Request Form and if you do not hear back from us 24 hours please fee free to contact us by phone.289 990-4738